Japanese Contemporary Art COLOR

TSURUKAME (Crane and turtoise)

Title: TSURUKAME (Crane and turtoise)

Size: 53cm(20.8in)×65cm(25.5in)

Material: Fabric, Pottery

Artist: Maison de Huali (Aki Funabiki / Hiromi Houda)

"Fabric BONSAI"
All elements of bonsai as soil, branch, leaf, blossom are made of fabric. Originality and humor made the fantasy artwork of small microcosm of bonsai that girls and small animals exist freely.
Aluminum wire is used inside of fabric bonsai to deform the shape of the branch freely.

"Maison de Huali"
Maison de Huali is unit of Aki Funabiki (Visual designer) and Hiromi Houda (Artist of stuffed dolls).
Artworks are characterized as fabric artworks created by their sense and favorite character which are sensitive and have warm texture of handmade. Animation artworks using fabric characters are also published.

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