Japanese Contemporary Art COLOR

Starting is same with ending. ( Sei )

Title: Starting is same with ending. ( Sei )

Shipping Free

Delivery of this artwork will be after the exhibition which will be held at the end of March 2014.

Artist Profile

Chie Tashiro

Chie Tashiro was born in 1972 in Akabane, Tokyo and living in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.

Chie studied Fine art at Tama Art University.

In 2003, she won the grand prize at photo book exhibition from Shogakukan.

(Art Exhibition)

2012 CHIPS2012 Daikanyama hill side forum

2013 RECTO VERSO Gallery 「Square graphics」

2013 AAA Gallery, all over the world exhibition 「july」

Artwork Concept

Original thing emerged from my inside, which is liberal and mixed using any kind of material.

Cherish the image and mind of starting position and keep holding it until the end.

This time I step forward from a plane, being beyond myself always gave me snapshots of the image and motivate me. I'm glad if I could communicate those snapshots as much as possible.

500 USD