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Sous la nuit étoilée 2013

Title: Sous la nuit étoilée 2013
Artist: Seiji Hirata
Size: 27×26cm
Water color and acrylic resin on canvas
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If you pour some paint into pill or screw case as a cast and let it dry for a few weeks, you can get a tiny boat like a box of color. I put them rather jostling each other on to canvas. And it appeared to me that a painting transformed to some organic system as we see them under a microscope. The medium does not just spread over the surface, but rather having a potential of performing itself as a object.


Seiji Hirata

Born in Tokyo 1967     
1994-1996 The Slade School of Fine Art, Higher diploma in fine art, UCL, London     
1991-1994 University of Brighton, BA(Hons) fine art (painting)1988-1992 Science University of Tokyo, Bsc (physics)     
Lives and works in Tokyo

 I have been interested in making art work as things “ not-yet- to be there “ In other words, I believe, a creation is possibility of making, that would be called a style. It emphasizes the process of making art rather than concept oriented. A concept is merely a chance, it means that a concept itself has a potential to be diverged and changed through the process.

Individual Exhibitions    

2013  Still Life and Natura Morta,  Galerie Sol, Tokyo

Unbound : Possibilities in Painting,  Gendai Heights Gallery Den and .St

2012  Lucretius,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo

2011  Various Skills vol.3 Seiji Hirata,  Toki Art Space, Tokyo

2010  Tide and Repetition,  Gendai Heights Gallery Den, Tokyo

2009  reawake,  Gallery Gen, Tokyo

2008   Interface,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo      

2007   The Red and The Black,  Galerie Sol, Tokyo     

2006     Quiet Field,  Galerie Sol, Tokyo     

2005     Symposium,  Gallery Mori, Miura-city, Kanagawa     

2004     That Hands of Story,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo     

2003     The House of Cards,  Shinjuku Kumin Gallery     

2002     Leftovers,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo     

2001     A room...A painting,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo    

2000   Painting for Minus,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2012  9 expressions,  Gendai Heights Gallery Den and .St

2011  Vision’s Charity Show for the Tohoku earthquake,  Nyngyocho Vision’s, Tokyo

2011  Gallery Hinoki Art Fair ,  Tokyo

2010  On prints,  Gallery Hinoki, Tokyo

2010  Aesthetic/Life  Hideo Nakane, Seiji Hirata,  Toki Art Space, Tokyo

2009  Art Program Ome 2009 – Motion in Space - ,  former fabric warehouse, Ome, Tokyo

2007     Kyobashi 3-3-8,  Ai Gallery, Tokyo     

2007    Petit SOL #2,  Galerie Sol, Tokyo

2000    Process of The Sea and Home Center - Seiji Hirata, Hiro Taguchi, Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo     

1995    Home Truth, South bank Photo show,  Royal Festival Hall, London      *Prize Winner     

Gainsborough Studio Open,  London     

Website  https://www.facebook.com/seiji.hirata4

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