Japanese Contemporary Art COLOR

"MEN" (Mask)

Title: "MEN" (Mask)

Artist: Nobumichi Takei

Size: 530mm(20.8in)×455mm(17.9in)


I have seen African mask with incredible size before. This artwork was inspired by that African mask. Size, design, color is different with the African mask but express similar huge power and existence I felt.

Artist profile

Nobumichi Takei was born in Tokyo and he is engaged on his creative activity at Dept. of Art of Wako university from 2012. Won a prize at wonder seeds 2013. His artwork is characterized in using color pen for drawing and wood glue for forming and finishing.



"Boku to watashi, watashi to boku"exhibition at Gallery Tokyo Humanite on Dec, 2013.

Wako university art festival

"Link link art exhibition, Dream" at Kakian, Tokyo

Wonder seeds 2013, Tokyo wonder site Hongo, Tokyo (won a prize)


"NEXUS Exhibition", Wako university, Tokyo

"Sanninten", Wako university, Tokyo

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